9. Open the Gate to Indochina: From Chong Sa Ngam Border to Nakorn Wat

Day 1

               Leave from Si Sa Ket to Thai-Cambodia border at Chong Sa Ngam, Phu Sing District (120km.). Cross the border to Al Leong Weng- Khmer Rough territory in the past, and travel to Siam Reab (+135km.) for lunch. In the afternoon, boat in scenic Tonle Sap Great Lake to observe Cambodia fishermen and rafters’ way of life, watch the magical sunset at Prasart Ba Keng and stay at Siam Reab (total distance about 250 km.).



Day 2

               Experience the great Khmer civilization with the trip to Prasart Nakorn Wat, Prasart Nakorn Thom, Prasart Tah Prom, and Prasart Ban Tai Si. Have dinner while watching exotic local Cambodia displays and stay overnight at Siam Reab (total distance about 50 km.).



Day 3

               Start the day with shopping at Siam Reab market throughout the morning. Afterward, have lunch and come back to Thailand through Chong Sa Ngam border, Si Sa Ket (total distance about 250 km.


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