5. Visit Civilization of Dome River Basin and Emerald Triangle Forest,

Day 1

               In the morning, leave from the city to Dej Udom District (45 km.) to witness beautiful nature at Wat Pah Sai Ngam and visit Ban Kra Bua Handicraft Center and cotton clothes shops at Ban Non Sawang. After that go back to Dej Udom to visit a group of producing aromatic candle and then have luncheon.



               Travel to Phu Jong Na Yoi National Park at Na Ja Luai District (75 km.)in the afternoon and stay overnight amid beautiful scene at the park (total distance about 130 km.).

Day 2

               Get up lively and travel to Huai Luang waterfall while feel impressed by nature both roadside. Enjoy rafting at Kaeng Ka Lao and have fun with parade of shrimp during September at Kaeng Lamduan (20km) and have a meal at Num Yeun District afterward.



               After lunch, go to village of painting Thai way of life on canvas at Ban Pla Khao and visit Prasart Thong Lang. Then get back to Ubon city, purchase souvenirs, and get back home safely (total distance about 140 km.)


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