4. Charming of Lamduan Flower at Si Sa Ket (2 Days and 1 Night)

Day 1

               Travel to pay homage Luang Pho To at Wat Maha Phruttharam in the morning. Next visit Prasart Hua Tab Tan (45km.) and also buy famous roasted chicken at Hua Tab Tan District. Then visit Prasart Hin Wat Sa Kamphaeng Yai and have meal at Uthumphon Phisai District.

               After visiting Prasart Hin Wat Sa Kamphaeng Yai in the morning, visiting Prasart Hin Wat Sa Kam Peang Noi is next trip. Then visit an architectural mixed style of Laotian, Suai, Cambodian and Yer people at Wat Phrathat Ruang Rong. Feel relaxing among more than five thousands Lamduan trees (sphaerocoryne clavipes) at Sri Nakarin Park and spend more time to watch sunset at Maung Sri Art and Culture Center, Hua Nam Kham. At night, stay overnight at downtown in Si Sa Ket (total distance about 110 km.).



Day 2

               Trace back to Kmer civilization with the trip to Khao Pra Wihan National Park and well-known Prasart Khao Pra Wihan of Cambodia (100 km.) in the morning and spend lunch meal at Kanthararak District.

               In the afternoon, go to Wat Pa Maha Jedi Kaeo (Wat Larn Kuad) at Khunhan District (in the rainy season can be assessable to Huai Chan and Sam Rong Kiat Waterfall) and return home (total distance about 200 km.



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